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As soon as Davy sees Princess Bettina in trouble, he rushes to help her. In spite of the danger, the Monkees do their best to protect Bettina and help her claim the throne. The idea that they get involved simply because Bettina still has Davyís jacket is a comedic device only; the true reason is that they care enough about her to want to help. Itís the right thing to do, and their status as good guys demands the worldview that they should always do whatís right. This desire to help others is therefore a constant throughout the series.

In Luke 10:25-37, Jesus relates the tale of the Good Samaritan. This passage and the corresponding passages of Matthew 22:34-40 and Mark 12:28-34 show that God values the kind of selfless love exhibited when people take time to help others, regardless of the cost. While the priest and the Levite passed on the other side of the road, the Samaritan stopped to help the battered Jew in spite of the dirt and the danger involved. He even paid for the injured manís medical care. Because he showed compassion, this unnamed Samaritan became an example for the generations in the centuries that followed.