I Was A Teenage Monster
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The Monkees discover that the android, although he looks mean, is not inherently evil, just—well—strange. It tries hard to obey their instructions when they attempt to teach it (although it’s far too strong and demolishes Micky’s drums), and when they try to reverse the talent-stealing process, the monster goes from being a semi-hippie to a super-hippie to an interior decorator and back to normal. Only when Dr. Mendoza shows up and commands the android to attack the Monkees does it do so.

Things are not necessarily bad. What people do with them can be. For example, a gun can be used to by a policeman to protect citizens or by a disgruntled student to shoot his fellow students. Words can be used to praise a person or to demonize him. A shovel can be used to plant a garden or to bury evidence. The problem is not with the object; the problem is with the people who use (or misuse or abuse) it.

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