Find the Monkees (The Audition)
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Hubbell Benson finds the sound he wants purely by accident; the Monkees had left the tape they recorded on the machine when they returned it, and Miss Chumsky rented the same machine. The majority of the episode is occupied by the TV producer trying to find the group, who (unbeknownst to Benson) chase him all over the city trying to get his attention. Only when the Jolly Green Giants hear the tape and identify the mystery group does he finally get in touch with the Monkees.

Too often, the same situation occurs when people seek God. They look in all the wrong places while God shows Himself to them as plainly as possible (Revelation 3:20). Usually it takes someone actually sitting down with a seeker and telling him plainly about the Gospel to steer him onto the right track. Paul describes this phenomenon in Romans 10 when talking about the stubbornness of the Jewish people and the acceptance of the Gospel by Gentiles.

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