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The villagers of El Monotono complain about how horrible it is to live under the thumb of El Diablo and his bandits. However, when Micky tries to rally their support to attack the bandits’ camp and drive out the bane of their existence (hoping at the same time to rescue Davy), the villagers refuse to take action. They prefer to let someone else—in this case, El Dolenzio—face the danger while they sit back and grouse.

This "peasant mentality" applies not only toward leaders but also toward any unpleasant circumstances. Often, people would rather whine about injustices than demand that justice be done. Indeed, some people complain about anything at all (see Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers). Rather than complain about real or imagined slights, we should trust God for our daily needs and take bold steps to fight injustice wherever it occurs (Matthew 6:25-33; Nehemiah 5, for example).

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