Monkees on the Wheel
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The Monkees’ problems in this episode come from gambling. Gambling not only opens the door for corruption and financial ruin, but it also contradicts five major Christian doctrines: the sovereignty of God (replaced by luck or chance), stewardship (people are encouraged to waste instead of manage their money), covetousness, brotherly love, and mastery of the will. As Martin Luther once said, "Money won by gambling is not without self seeking and love of self is not without sin." For a full treatment of this subject, see "America’s New Love Affair with Gambling: Should Christians Be Concerned?" by Rex M. Rogers in the January-March 1998 issue of Christian Research Journal (Vol. 20, No. 3), as well as "A Biblical Perspective on Gambling" in Where We Stand: The Official Position Papers of the Assemblies of God (Gospel Publishing House, 1994).

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