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Every inch of the universe is claimed by God and counter-claimed by the devil.óC. S. Lewis
Why should the devil have all the good music?óLarry Norman
If you donít see God everywhere, the simple conclusion is that youíre not looking.óJohn Fischer

First, let me say that I have no intention of setting this up as the ultimate Bible study resource for anyone. It is simply a collection of ramblings by a college girl/preacherís kid who has a tendency to find spiritual applications for as many things as possible. I come by it honestly enough; my father has preached on Star Trek twice and finds sermon texts in everything from baseball to The Lion King to a lighthouse that was visible from the highway but impossible to find. "The Parable of the Barbecue Pit" and "The Cop Behind the Flashlight" are titles of some of his recent writings.

Second, let me say that this is not necessarily intended for any particular group. Non-fans of the Monkees will find some of the references obscure. Non-Christians, including fans, might feel puzzled by some of the ideas Iíve gleaned from the show. Christian fans may think Iím absolutely insane for trying to get anyone else to understand any of this. However, there are some things here that truly need to be said. Please donít dismiss this as hogwash just because itís by a Christian or because itís about the Monkees.

Nor is my assessment of these things inherently exhaustive. Sometimes it was a struggle to find anything to say about an episode. If you can find something else equally applicable to a certain situation, thatís wonderful. My main goal is to present these ideas and make people think.

As a recent "convert" to the Monkee scene, Iím discovering quite a lot of things about the Monkees and their fans through Internet research. The biggest thing Iíve found is that the vast majority of the people you meet in Monkeedom need to accept Christ as their personal Savior. So Iím writing this book to share some spiritual insights that the Lord has given me about things mentioned in the show, the songs, or anecdotes about the group.  I haven't really had much time to think through the symbolisms in Head, and I haven't seen 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, so those will wait until later.

For those of you who are not Christians, I recommend that you start where I started writing: the article on "The Devil and Peter Tork" (which is also linked from the MFFC index page).  Itís based on a Bible study I gave at an FCA meeting my senior year of high school. If youíre already a Christian (or just donít like starting in the middle of something), youíre welcome to start at the beginning. Iíve done my best to document all my points with Scripture whenever possible. Youíll probably notice a lot of repetition of themes in the section about the show; thatís mainly because I wanted to include every episode, but so many episodes teach the same lesson. I really understand why the guys got burned out on doing the same basic plot over and over.

Thank you for reading this. I hope you get as much out of it as I did writing it. At the very least, I pray that these scribbles make you stop and think about Christianity and the God who calls us all to be better than we are. If the illustrations I have used are confusing, as C. S. Lewis constantly reminded his readers, you are perfectly welcome not to use them.

"Run, John, run," the Law commands,
But gives us neither feet nor hands.
Far better news the Gospel brings,
That bids us fly and gives us wings!
óJohn Bunyan

May you find your eagleís wings as you serve the Lord Almighty.

In His love,

San Antonio Rose

Psalm 139

"Donít forget to free the serfs."óMicky Dolenz

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